This is my first letter, my name is Easton Ford I am Twenty I am confused and I look like Derek Sanders and I am OPEN.

I should give you my backstory:

Easton grew up happy, despite his home life. His father was an alcoholic with a drug problem. He didn’t get to do much with his father, even though he adored him. His parents always fought, and his little brother was a pain in the butt. Not to mention his mother was very sick his whole childhood. So he kept to himself, usually running around outside with his brother, until their neighbor moved in. He’d been sexually molested by him when he was 9, and nobody believed him. 
Despite this, he was always a very happy child growing up. He would come across as shy, but once he got to know someone, they’d quickly see the real Easton. He didn’t go many places, not even when he got his own car, too scared to leave his sick mother. Then he got a taste of freedom, and ran with it. He joined a band, and began to make music. He loved it more than anything. But despite being surrounded by what made him happiest, he became severely depressed, having anxiety attacks every night. He was on medicine, but it didn’t seem to help. Some days he would just want to curl into a ball, and the worst part was, nobody knew it, because he hid it so well.

I have to write letters?

Writing is one of the ways he can escape his depression, so he’ s so happy to be able to do it

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