This is my first letter, my name is Wendy Hope I am Twenty Two I am Bi Sexual and I look like Imogen Poots and I am OPEN.

I should give you my backstory:

Wendy grew up in a very rich family, which she hated- seeing herself as a rights activist she hated the thought that she came into money so easily and she never had to work for anything- and as her family always told her, she would never have to work hard her whole life, her live would be a given. She’d always be¬†financially supported. This impacted Wendy, she didn’t like that thought at all, she knew she had to fix her idea.¬†

She ran away from home in New York, taking her younger sister with her and ran away to Wayside, a small town where she had to immediately enroll in work and get fees to help her pay her way into university. Whilst she’s living on barely anything - she loves it. She’s supporting herself in the world and feels like she’s doing something by having two jobs and paying for her small home and supporting her sister.

I have to write letters?

Having ran away, Wendy can’t help but miss her home. She misses her family - she hopes that maybe the letters go to one member of her family.

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